The Birth of a Blog

workspace birth of
I’ve been a closet blogger for a while now, mostly meaning that I clutter my husband’s desktop with a thousand unpublished blog post ideas. But I finally decided to actually post them somewhere when I realized that the things I have learned, the things I desire, and the things I struggle with could all encourage and inspire other people. At the very least I can serve as a cautionary tale 😉

There have been times when I have searched for connection over a particular topic but found nothing at at all. I want to offer that connection, whether it’s beneficial to one person or to many!

The last thing I want this blog to be is a “look at me, I have it all figured out!” guide to life— because I don’t and even if I did, how obnoxious would that be? What I do have is grace in my heart, a desire to grow and learn, and a lot of pent up creativity!

So please look around, stay a while, and hopefully you’ll find a bit of encouragement to spark your own creativity along the way.

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