My Story

A pilot and a city girl met at a wedding. They danced the night away, reconnected at a coffee shop the next day, and went their separate ways; her to Ghana for six months, and him to Texas to finish up pilot training.

Only they couldn’t quite keep their paths separate from one another. A year and a half of intercontinental dating later, they got married and moved to Germany together. City girl left the city, but she and her pilot hope to go back someday and besides, she kind of likes the adventure of living overseas.


One sweet baby girl later and they’re on the move again— this time, to the completely foreign territory of Mississippi— and city girl is dreaming up a future where she can act/ write/ become a drama therapist/ adopt a child/ return to Africa/ become Parisian while striving to find joy in the here and now.


A little bit more about me:

-Pacific Northwest born and raised. Have you ever met anyone from Seattle who isn’t obsessed with it? I haven’t #justsaying

– New York transplant

-Aspiring drama therapist

-And actor too

-Avid baker and cook (who refuses to acknowledge the existence of store-bought pie crusts, no matter how much her friends and family insist they can’t taste the difference)

-Saved by grace

Thanks for stopping by!