On Letting Go

Our recent home-building debacle has been so rife with life lessons, I couldn’t help but write about it.

Basically, our builder was like a shady boyfriend who doesn’t call, forgets your birthday, and makes you drive him around everywhere.

Promises (and contracts) were made and then broken, lies were discovered; he’d pump us full of false hope for foundations that would never be poured only to delay until another day, another week, maybe if it’s dry later. Two weeks past the date our home was supposed to be finished, it had yet to even have a foundation. Needless to say, we were concerned (and livid. But mostly trying to keep that at bay to put on our more mature “how can we get things going?” faces.)

The thing is, we’d prayerfully made the decision to go with this builder back in the fall when we evaluated our options. Time and careful effort went into every detail of this home from the floor plan to the cabinet knobs and pulls. Even though he continued to disappoint with the lack of progress, it seemed only sensible to keep going— after all, he was merely 6-8 weeks from finishing— hardly any time at all!

When we decided to terminate our professional relationship, I realized how much faith I had been putting into an empty lot. We had every reason to distrust this man, yet we wanted to believe that what he was saying was true, so we continued to follow suite.

When we finally decided to let go, we experienced a profound peace.  A weight was lifted off of our shoulders that I didn’t fully realize was tainting our experience of this new place.

I can’t help but recall various times in my life when I’ve held onto a plan because it was what felt safe or comfortable. Sometimes following the plan is simply easier than considering venturing off into the unknown.

I love moments like this in life that I can return to later on as evidence— I can let go of what I thought I wanted and be better off for it. 


I should probably also point out that we’re moved into an apartment and working on our next steps. While it’s frustrating to find ourselves back at square one, I’m really excited for this next, less stressful phase to begin!

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