2016: A Chance to Move Forward

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I used to abstain from making new year’s resolution. It always felt as though I was setting myself up for failure- starting out with the best intentions, and then succumbing a few months later (in some sorry cases, weeks)  to my old ways.  Besides, if a person needs to make a change in their life or set new goals, what’s to stop them from doing it throughout the year?

After all, making most any kind of change is no easy feat. It can take years of hard work and even then, it may feel inconsequential. Change is especially hard once a certain pattern has been set.

Remember that kid from your class who always seemed to be in trouble? Chances are, their reputation as a “bad-kid” was self-perpetuating; fellow students, teachers, and even parents probably observed that this kid was trouble and treated them as such. I wonder if that kid ever felt as though they could shed their reputation and change?

Some of the people I admire most in life are those who recognized their need to change and chose to make it happen. Shaking free from everyone’s expectations and rebuilding is something I have loads of respect for!

Which brings me back to New Year’s resolutions; sometimes, people need a chance at a fresh start. They need others to give them the grace to leave their old ways behind them, to allow them to move on from who they once were. The ritual of beginning a new year with a fresh slate and a few resolutions is one way people can have the momentum they need to go forward.

In 2016, let’s move forward and allow others to move forward. Let’s forgive others for their wrongdoing, whether we have been majorly wounded or slightly offended- because we all know that sometimes those slight offenses have the most lasting power. Let’s stop holding others to the standards of their past and free our own hearts of the aches of our old wounds.

Life is just too short and our days too precious to hold onto the past.

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